servicesEIC Consulting provides full-service recruiting solutions. We are dedicated to conducting comprehensive candidate searches, which are customized to meet each client's specific hiring needs. All of our services are focused on meeting your company's individual cultural and business goals. No preconceived notions, only carefully crafted solutions designed to achieve to specific hiring objectives. Through this understanding, we ensure that we select candidates which offer best long-term fit for the role both from an experience and cultural perspective.

Executive Search

It is designed to enable highly skilled professionals to find opportunities in the work environment. We play a consultative role to define executive positions, and potential sources of talent. We work with our clients in much the same way as a part of a team. This approach includes providing the right amount of collaboration, research, and intuition needed to deliver a few well-chosen candidates.

Database Search and Selection

Our contingency search service is designed as a cost-effective method of guaranteeing our concerted effort to fill various openings. We support this search with a database search which provides immediate access to an active talent pool, already assessed by our consultants.

Advertised Selection

To complement executive search needs, we also have "Advertised Search" service for non-executive or entry-level executive positions. We are especially experienced in "Group Recruitment". We can assist our clients in the preparation and negotiations, screen applications, send out letters, conducts interviews with qualified candidates present them with the short list of candidates. If required, we can also conduct and analyze the results of psychometric or aptitude tests and investigate the background or references of candidates.

Group Assignments

Group Assignments can be carried out upon request.