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There are many reasons to change your employment situation but it is important to be prepared to change jobs or career. That is why EIC Consulting offers you an assistance to maximize your career potential.

We are providing a personalized assistance to executives, managers and highly skilled professionals. Our aim is to support them to identify right career opportunities, make the right choice and realize professional growth.

Changing jobs gives you a broader range of experience, a more varied background creates a greater demand for your resume.

Remember we spend a large portion of our life working and it is important to be sure that what we are doing is meaningful and satisfactory.

How We Work

Career Planning: We are very keen to match people with the jobs that will add to their career. We help you achieve both your personal and Professional goals. We work closely in every step of hiring process and act as a professional partner.

Confidentiality: We always consider our candidates with the utmost integrity and respect. Your CV is always treated top confidentiality and will not forward to anyone without your approval. Our databank is accessible only to our career consultants who understand the importance of privacy when making a career move.

Interviewing: We act as a personal consultant to prepare you for the interviews and help you to succeed.

Getting started: It is as simple as submitting your CV.

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candidatesYou can easily reach the updated open positions list via clicking the below link.

Please remember that, due to some strategic and confidentiality reasons we are not posting all open positions. But you can submit your resume for all suitable opportunities to the attention of our consultants.
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